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Dermeluxx Facial $150| 90 min

The DERMELUXX Facial is an advanced non-invasive exfoliating and skin toning facial treatment. This system uses a synergy of three holistic treatment methods: vacuum abrasive fluid exfoliation and extraction, deep skin infusion with oxygen serums, and cooling skin toning.  
The treatment is refreshing, soothing, and moisturizing.  Visible results from a DERMELUXX Facial will vary from person to person. During a DermeLuxx Facial, clients can expect FLUID HYDRO/MICRODERMABRASION: Extractions that gently remove dead skin cells - Diminish the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles - Improve the appearance of aging and thin skin - Helps to repair sun damage - Refine pores - Reduces the appearance of scar tissue.  OXYGEN INFUSION: Deep hydration - Stimulate cell renewal - Stimulates the production of collagen. CRYOTHERAPY SKIN TONING: Tighten pores - Improves blood and lymphatic circulation - Evens out the complexion - Stimulates the production of collagen - Leaves the face looking radiant and healthy

Sea Moss Detox $85 | 1hr

 Enjoy a relaxing facial with the help of a superfood powerhouse, sea moss. Sea moss is rich in vitamins and minerals and inherently hosts anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-viral properties that help treat many different types of skin conditions. As a drawing agent, sea moss draws out toxins and replenishes them with good minerals. We’ve incorporated this ingredient in our skincare process and products to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, hydrate the skin, and protect your skin from environmental elements.
*** Note: Our sea moss is naturally grown in the Caribbean Island of St Lucia. ***

   The DoriYah Consultation $75 | 1hr 

Schedule a personalized session with our Esthetician to have an open conversation about your skin and skincare needs. Our consultations are thorough and include a skin analysis to determine the most effective professional treatment plan, appropriate products, and home skincare recommendations. The consultation is followed by a facial that is unique to you.

Alpha Male Facial $125 | 1hr30min 

This is not your ordinary facial! Beard gang or clean-shaven, the Alpha Male Facial is guaranteed to please. This facial was developed to soothe, nourish, and rejuvenate the skin of brawny, hardworking men.
Facial Includes: Steam |Double Cleanse |6 Hot Towels |Exfoliation via *skin scrubber, microdermabrasion or enzyme* |Galvanic Treatment | |Beard Wash & Conditioning |High-Frequency Treatment |Celluma light Therapy |Mask |Arm Massage |Intense Facial Massage |Beard |SPF |Leave-in Conditioner & Balm |Beard Serum |Facial Serum |Moisturize|SPF

Progression Facial Series (4 sessions)|  $360

The progression facial series is designed to nourish and sustain your specific skin type while addressing the destructive sub-condition. The progression facial series is for anyone with problematic skin conditions that need corrective action.  
Skin Conditions: Acne, congestion, scarring, dullness, blotchiness, brown spots, redness, and wrinkles.
▪︎ An individualized treatment plan is created to address the problem.  For best results, clients are encouraged to return in 1 week/ 2 weeks after to implement a treatment plan.  
▪︎ Clients are given respective cleansers after the 1st treatment.
NOTE:***New Clients** Skin consultation included in series***

She's Royal $125 1hr 30min

A multi-step skincare treatment designed for a Queen.  Treat yourself (or treat her) to a self-care ritual that will pamper your skin, show your radiance, and transcend thy self.
Facial Includes: Steam |Double Cleanse |6 Hot Towels |Exfoliation via *Dermapane, skin scrubber, microdermabrasion or enzyme* |Galvanic Treatment |High-Frequency Treatment |Celluma light Therapy |Mask  |Arm Massage |Intense Facial Massage  |SPF |Facial Serum |Moisturize|SPF

Teen Facial $40 | 40 min

The Teen Facial is customized to suit the skin needs based on consultation and skin analysis.  Teen will be educated on the importance of skincare and given a sample cleanser, moisturizer, and SPF!! (TEENS ONLY)

Butt Facial $60 45min 
Butt Facial w/ wax $80. 1hr 15min 

This Butt facial is intended to hydrate, detoxify, brighten, exfoliate, remove dead skin cells and fade dark marks.
Expect: Steam |Cleanse |Exfoliation |Mask |Moisturize

Got Your BACK Facial (Bacial) | $100 1hr 

Our “Bacial” is the back facial you never knew you needed. This facial will hydrate the skin and reduce dryness, clear acne breakouts, exfoliate dirt, oil, and dead skin, and reduce inflammation and redness. We will reach the places you can’t.
Facial Includes: Steam |Deep Cleanse |Exfoliation |Gentle Extractions |Brush Massage |ACV Mask |Light Massage |Hot Towel Treatment |High-Frequency Treatment |Vitamin C Serum |Moisturizer
**You can upgrade your back facial to a Diamond fluid MicroDermabrasion**  inquire for further details

Vajacial $55 45min 
Vajacial w/ Brazilian $80 1hr 30min 

This Vajacial is intended to hydrate, detoxify, brighten, exfoliate, remove dead skin cells and fade dark marks.
Expect: Steam |Cleanse |Exfoliation |Mask |Moisturize


Arm wax  |30 min $30

Complete waxing of the arm, from shoulder to finger tip. 

Back wax  |30 min $50

The full-back includes from the shoulders to the lower back.

Bikini wax  |30 min $45

Bikini waxes include everything in a bikini line, as well as hair removal on the front of the pubic bone

Brazillian & underarm |40 min $70

Brazilian wax |30 min $60

This includes removing all the hair on the front, back, sides, and middle. For those that like the feel of being completely hair-free, this is a great option.

Brow wax |30 min $25

Brow waxing includes shaping, trimming, and tweezing.

Butt wax |30 min $30

The client can expect the removal of all hair on the buttocks. Like all other types of waxing, buttock waxing lasts for much longer than shaving.

Chest wax |30 min $45

The treatment area includes the front of the shoulders to under the breast line

Lip & chin wax |20 min $15

Sideburns wax  |15 min $15

Desired side area to the jawline

Chin wax  |15 min $10

The treatment area includes directly below the bottom lip and the entire chin area.

Lip wax  |15 min $15

Lip wax includes the lower and upper lips.

Half leg wax  |30 min $45

The lower half leg includes knee to toes. OR, The upper half leg includes the knee to the upper thigh.

Full leg wax  |45 min $75

Clients can expect the treatment area from the upper thigh down to toes.

Underarm wax |20 min $20

Complete Underarm area


Ultrasonic cavitation| body contouring

Ultrasonic cavitation reduces the body's fat deposits that could be hard to get rid of by exercising alone. However, this procedure cannot be used for weight loss treatment on its own. Ultrasonic cavitation is best for reducing cellulite and adipose fat. This improves body shape and contour and reduces circumference.  Save money and get the best results by selecting one of our UltraSonic Cavitation packages.

Body Contouring Cavitation RF 1 Body Area Single Session - $250 per treatment

Body Contouring Cavitation RF 1 Body Area **5 Sessions** - $200 per treatment (1000.00)

Body Contouring Cavitation RF 1 Body Area **10 Sessions** - $180 per treatment (1800.00)

RF Facials

Facials RF Therapy Single Session - $200 per treatment 

Facials RF Therapy 4 Sessions - $170 per treatment (680.00) 

Facials RF Therapy 8 Session - $150 per treatment(1200.00)



Brow tinted & wax      $55

Brow wax                         $25

Shadow brow    Coming Soon  


Dermaplaning        |30min $35

Enzyme peel             |30 min $60

Microdermabrasion  |25 min $35

Add- ONs

Add-On Dermaplaning   |30 min $35

Add-On High Frequency    |15 min $15

Add-On HydroJelly Mask  |20 min $15

Add-On LED Light Therapy   |30 min $35

Add-On Hand & Arm Massage    |15 min $15

 Add-On Lip Exfoliation & Mask  |10 min $15

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