Brightening Serum


Skin Type: All Skin Types

SIZE: 1 Oz

Take your skincare routine up a notch with DoriYah Skin's brightening serum.

Combined with niacinamide and Kojic acid, you can expect to improve your complexion and reduce dark spots |hyperpigmentation.

Consider The "Brightening Team" for a brighter collaboration!!


The Brightening Serum is a DoriYah Skin FAVORITE!!

Our Paraben Free, Gluten Free Kojic Acid Serum may be used on the face as well as other areas of the body for dark spots. Perfect for unwanted darker areas such as bikini line, underarms, between thighs, and of course the face. You may apply the facial-brightening-moisturizer on top of the serum for more concentration. This brightening serum provides a concentration of Kojic acid paired with niacinamide to boost fading on a deeper level without clogging pores. This serum is a lightweight powerhouse.


Contact for a full ingredient list.

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